Visual Analytics (1 giorno)

Questo corso è pensato per utenti Tableau Avanzati che vogliono imparare le migliori tecniche per condividere e mostrare informazioni. Il corso ti aiuterà a costruire visualizzazioni che possono essere capite e lette facilmente, ma non include alcun insegnamento sull’utilizzo di Tableau Desktop.

9:30am – 17:30pm

  1. Why Data Visualisation?
  2. Memory Types
  3. Form
  4. Colour
  5. Best Practice Charts
  6. Dashboard Creation Process
  7. Critique



  1. Data Viz Experience
  2. Tableau Experience

Section 1 – Why Data Visualisation?

  • Show the benefit of converting a plain table to a coloured table to a highlight table to a bar chart
  • Give the team a challenge to build a view to be judged later on with only this brief intro (data set = Superstore)

Section 2 – Memory Types

  • Sensory Memory – Preattentive attributes, sensory stimulation (< 0.5 seconds) Short Term – up to 7 items (10-15 seconds) Long Term – based on individuals attributes (Up to a lifetime)
  • Discuss memory in relation to Andy’s Profit and Loss statement:!/vizhome/ProfitLossStatement/PL
  • What sticks with the users when they look at the image at first? What do they remember when looking for longer?

Section 3 – Form

  • Walk through on a whiteboard. Let the room talk through different aspects of data visualisation
  • Work on the different types of form:

Section 4 – Colour

  • Understand how to choose the right colour in the right contest

Section 5 – Best Practice Charts

  • Run through essential chart build material

Section 6 – Dashboard Creation Process

  • 5 Whys to define what is actually required and method of delivery to consumer

Section 7 – Critique

Small Lab where the participants will trial improvements as small groups – talk through the progress as a room about the improvements made and why they help:

  1. Reduce cognitive load
  2. Help sensory memory
  3. Allow for more analysis to get in to detail once initial findings are highlighted
  4. Is the work clear and understandable? Are the best types of form used?
  5. Do the colours make sense?